Menarche To Menopause

Menarche to Menopause

  1. Premeno Hydrating Ovules
    From £16.00

    Use-by date, May 2025 or later.

    Regulates moisture balance & promotes wound healing.

    With hyaluron and lactic acid.

    Inhibits the growth of Candida.

    One ovule every 3 days promotes hydration.


  2. YES Vaginal Moisturiser
    From £11.99

    Long-lasting natural vaginal moisturising gel.

    Designed to match the typical vaginal environment.

    Moisturises and soothes dry and sensitive vaginal tissues.

    Lasts up to 3 days per application.

    Without the skin damaging chemicals typically found in vaginal moisturisers.


  3. Teena - Period Tracker & App For Teens
    From £179.00

    Teena is a first-of-its-kind period tracking device and app combination.

    Wake up. Take your Teena from your nightstand.

    Hold your finger on the button.

    Place the Teena sensor under your tongue to measure your basal body temperature.

    Sync with the Teena App and enter your period when you are ready. Explore the app to learn more about your cycle and your body!


  4. IntimateCare Sea Sponges - Mediterranean Fine Silk Sponges
    From £14.85

    Natural and chemical free, for the most sensitive skin.

    Unbelievably comfortable. Absorbent yet plush, silky, and soft.

    Premium quality Mediterranean Silk sponges.

    Large size 6.5cm to 8cm. Medium size 5,5 - 6,5cm.

    Plastic-free packaging available. Ethically harvested. Biodegradable.

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