Tulipa TPE Menstrual Cup

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Ultra safe TPE menstrual cup.

Free from latex, BPA, plasticizers and animal ingredients.

Comes with moisture wicking case.

Available in two sizes, 15ml and 20ml.

Made in Germany.

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The Tulipa menstrual cup puts an end to disposable menstrual hygiene products. Made of TPE, it is soft and flexible and available in two different sizes. The Tulipa comes with a specially designed storage case to protect the cup from dirt while wicking away moisture. In addition, with proper care, the Tulipa can be reused for many years, is good for the environment and is free of BPA, latex and plasticizers. Quality Made in Germany!

Which Size Is Right For Me?

The Tulipa comes in two different sizes:

Size 1 holds 15 ml and has a diameter of 40.7 mm, while size 2 in turn holds 20 ml and has a diameter of 47 mm. Both cups are 70 mm long in total. Which of the two sizes is the right one depends on several factors. For light to moderate menstruation, the smaller size is more appropriate. A firm pelvic floor and a low-seated cervix also speak for size 1.

Size 2 is suitable if menstruation is medium to heavy. If the pelvic floor is somewhat weaker, e.g. due to childbirth, or the cervix sits higher up, size 2 can be used.

Tulipa Menstrual Cup Intructions

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