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Ethical contraception is one area we cover. Hormonal contraceptives leave the body in urine and those hormones can not be removed. As a result the hormones stay in the water cycle, entering the food chain and the water table. It's really not what Mother Nature needs. So we like to educate couples on non hormonal contraceptive options.

New Product! Daysy Fertility Tracker.

The Daysy is a cute but powerful fertility tracker which allows you to track your cycle and identify the couple of days when you’re ovulating. From that it calculates your fertility window, the six to eight days when intercourse can lead to pregnancy. Empowered with that information, you and your partner can manage the risk of pregnancy, deciding on abstinence or barrier contraceptives.

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New Product! Contragel.

By being a new, natural alternative to 'traditional' spermicides, Contragel makes barrier contraception an easier option for couples. Possible itchiness which can sometimes be casued by using traditional Nonoxynol 9 based spermicide can be a distraction just when pleasure should be the focus. And since both of you have your most sensitive parts exposed to the substance, opting for a natural alternative is twice as important

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