Valley Electronics

A reliable partner for health-conscious women

Valley Electronics AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is an international research-based medical technology company with a long track record of developing and distributing fertility trackers. Thanks to this accumulated knowledge, Valley Electronics has been able to manufacture and bring to market reliable, precise, and user-friendly technology for natural fertility awareness.

Located in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA, Valley Electronics, together with its affiliated companies, is active in more than 40 countries.

With its products Daysy and Lady-Comp, the company offers the highest possible reliability, well-engineered technology, and a wealth of experience. More than 50 employees are the creative heart of the company, working continuously to further improve the products and providing exceptionally personalized customer service.

As a family-owned company, Valley Electronics stands for values of transparency, compassion, openness, equal opportunities, family-friendliness, and sustainability. Valley Electronics’ company culture is based on respect, openness, and personal development.

Valley Electronics is run by Natalie Rechberg-Egly, the daughter of Dr. Hubertus Rechberg, who founded Valley Electronics GmbH more than 35 years ago. Together with her husband Collin Egly, Rechberg-Egly is responsible for the entire product range of Valley Electronics and is constantly seeking to make improvements, e.g. by integrating new technologies and applications.

All Valley Electronics products are manufactured in Germany. The Valley Initiative Ltd are their exclusive representatives here in the UK.

  1. Lady-Comp Intelligent Fertility Tracker
    Out of Stock
    Lady-Comp Intelligent Fertility Tracker
    From £485.00

    The proven way to manage your cycle.

    100,000’s of happy users managing their fertility around the world.

    35 years of history, helping couples go natural.

    Understand your fertility window to make better fertility choices.

    Two year manufacturers warranty.

  2. Daysy Fertility Tracker
    From £299.00

    Discover your menstrual cycle – and your fertility!

    Daysy empowers you to understand your menstrual cycle.

    The DaysyDay app is free on iOS and Android smartphones

    Understand your fertility window to make better fertility choices.

    Two year manufacturers warranty.


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