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Lady-Comp Intelligent Fertility Tracker

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The proven way to manage your cycle.

100,000’s of happy users managing their fertility around the world.

35 years of history, helping couples go natural.

Understand your fertility window to make better fertility choices.

Two year manufacturers warranty.

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Lady-Comp Fertility Tracker
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Fertility Chart

The new Lady-Comp

The new Lady-Comp is our pride and joy: With its unbeatable algorithm, which has been tested for over 30 years and is constantly being further developed, and thanks to its simple handling, you have everything you need for natural family planning combined in one device! The handy fertility tracker shows you at a glance whether you are currently fertile or not - and from the first day! Thanks to the sophisticated software, you also get comprehensive insight into your cycle history and a menstruation forecast for the next 6 months.

The new Lady-Comp combines all the functions of its predecessors Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby in one device. In addition to the functions you need for cycle tracking, the new Lady-Comp is also perfect for addressing the topic of family planning, just as our customers have been used to for years with their Bady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby fertility computers.

The user interface has been completely revised and is now even faster and more intuitive to use. Getting started with cycle tracking and natural family planning is also greatly simplified with the new Lady-Comp. The fertility tracker has a quick-start guide so that you understand the Lady-Comp immediately, and you can start measuring the very next morning after receiving it.

The new clear design of the new Lady-Comp completes the overall package.

Lady-Comp has been 510k cleared by the FDA.

Functions and key data of Lady-Comp:


Cycle analysis

  • Display of daily fertility status (fertile/infertile)
  • Measured value and cycle day
  • Ovulation forecast
  • Fertility retrospective for 360 days
  • Fertility forecast for 6 days
  • Fertility curve over the last months
  • 6 months menstruation forecast
  • Average cycle length
  • Temperature increase / average temperature step
  • Average length of high temperature phase
  • Average ovulation fluctuation
  • Number of monophasic cycles
  • CLI (CLI=corpus luteum insufficiency)
  • Forecast hits for 20 cycles
  • Documentation of intercourse
  • Indicates possible pregnancy approx. 15 days post ovulation
  • Indicates probable pregnancy approx. 18 days post ovulation
  • Calculated conception date and predicted birth date
  • Alarm
  • Data transfer via USB cable for reading out & saving your data on the PC

Personal inputs

  • Alarm
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Weight
  • Display in °F or °C

Technical data

  • Size: 9 cm / 3,5 inch in diam.
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Battery: 2 x AAA

Your Cycle at a glance

Lady-Comp is very easy to use. Simply measure your basal body temperature under your tongue for around 60 seconds every morning after waking up, and the fertility tracker will show you immediately which phase of the cycle you are in and whether you are currently fertile.

Green display = infertile

Lady-Comp's self-learning algorithm is more than 99% accurate in determining infertile days. This accuracy is the result of over 35 years of research conducted by a team of gynecologists, fertility experts, software specialists, and engineers who have analyzed data from more than 5 million female cycles. The result is an algorithm that adapts to each individual and that you can always rely on!

Yellow display = learning phase/cycle fluctuation/possibly fertile

Every woman is unique and so is her cycle: some cycles are longer, some shorter, and the time of ovulation can also vary. The course of the cycle differs not only from woman to woman, but also from cycle to cycle. Lady-Comp creates your very own profile and adjusts the prognosis based on your cycle history and over one million cycles already analyzed.

Red display = fertile/possibly fertile

With Lady-Comp you know every day whether you are fertile or not. With just a short temperature measurement in the morning, you can significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant each cycle. According to a study, 81% of women who tracked their cycles and planned intercourse accordingly were pregnant after 6 months, compared to only 60% of women who did not monitor their cycle during this time.




How do I use Lady-Comp?


How can I edit menstruation input retroactively?

You can edit your menstruation input up to 3 days retroactively. Open the fertility window and select the date you want to edit. Press and hold the circle button for 3 seconds to open the menstruation input field. You can either add the menstruation with the plus button or remove the menstruation with the minus button. To confirm the change, press the circle button. If you want to edit more days, simply change the date by pressing the plus button. If you want to edit several days post-hoc, please always start with the least recent day.

Do I have to measure at the same time every day?

No. What is important is that you measure immediately upon waking after getting 3 consecutive hours of sleep, before getting up and being active.

How long does it take to measure?

It will take approximately 60 seconds to measure.

Can I use Lady-Comp during breastfeeding?

Yes, our fertility trackers can be used while breastfeeding. You should not start measuring until 6 weeks after birth. Since there is no way to predict the first ovulation after birth, Lady-Comp will show yellow (learning phase/cycle fluctuation) until the first menstruation is entered postpartum. Once you enter your first period, Lady-Comp/Pearly will display fewer red and yellow days in the following 2-4 cycles as Lady-Comp gets to know your unique cycle rhythm.

Can I use Lady-Comp during breastfeeding?

Yes, our fertility trackers can be used while breastfeeding. You should not start measuring until 6 weeks after birth. Since there is no way to predict the first ovulation after birth, Lady-Comp will show yellow (learning phase/cycle fluctuation) until the first menstruation is entered postpartum. Once you enter your first period, Lady-Comp will display fewer red and yellow days in the following 2-4 cycles as Lady-Comp gets to know your unique cycle rhythm.

Is it possible to delete individual measurements?

No. Lady-Comp/Pearly only records the first daily measurement. If you have concerns about a reading, please contact our customer service team.

How can I check my fertility status later in the day?

Simply press the circle button and your fertility status will be indicated by the color of the display. If you want to see details.

How do I switch Lady-Comp off?

Lady-Comp automatically switches off after 30 seconds.

Should I also use Lady-Comp/Pearly during my period?

Yes, please take your temperature throughout your entire menstrual cycle. However, on some days you should refrain from taking a measurement: for example, after excessive alcohol consumption, when you are ill (fever) or when you are feeling very bad.

I am slowly approaching menopause. Can I still use Lady-Comp?

Yes, you can. Lady-Comp is also reliable during the transition to menopause. If your ovulation is delayed or doesn't occur, Lady-Comp will display more red and yellow days. Using Lady-Comp will allow you to directly observe the changes that are happening to your cycle.

Where do I measure?

Below the tongue in the pocket next to your frenulum and with your mouth closed. It is best to measure on the same side each morning if comfortable.

When can I start using Lady-Comp?

You can immediately start with the measurements. If you were using hormonal birth control before, stop using it before you begin measuring. The first bleeding after coming off hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleeding and must not be entered as your period. If you are menstruating when starting with Lady-Comp and you cannot enter all days, do not enter the current menstruation, but the next one. The first day of menstruation is important because it marks the beginning of your cycle.

Can I measure multiple times per day?

No. Lady-Comp/Pearly will only record the first measurement of the day.

My sleeping intervals are irregular (rotating work shifts, sleeping in, etc).: Is Lady-Comp also suited for me?

Yes. Lady-Comp has been designed for women like you. Simply take your temperature when you wake up and before you get up. We recommend that you have at least 3 hours of continuous sleep before
the measurement. Lady-Comp registers only one measurement per day. If the next day has not yet started, the measurement symbol is missing in the start screen.

How do I activate Lady-Comp before the first measurement?

Press one of the 3 buttons and press the circle button to open the menu. Then, press the plus button to get to the alarm clock icon and press the circle button to select. Then, set the time with the help of the the plus and minus buttons to set the alarm time. Confirm the entry for each field by pressing the circle button. The alarm clock is activated when you enter a checkmark in the last field by pressing the plus button and confirmed with the circle button. An alarm clock symbol will appear in the upper right corner of the initial time / date screen. Your first measurement must be taken + / – 3 hours before your set alarm time.

I missed a couple of measurements. What should I do?

One or two skipped measurements are not a problem; Lady-Comp will simply use your earlier data to calculate your fertility. Multiple missing values per cycle will lead to a higher number of red or yellow days.

I had a sleepless night. Can I still rely on Lady-Comp?

Yes, you can always rely on Lady-Comp/Pearly. If you have to skip a measurement after a sleepless night, Lady-Comp will still reliably display your fertility status. Depending on where you are in your cycle, Lady-Comp will react accordingly.

I have to get up frequently during the night because I have a baby. Can I use Lady-Comp?

Yes, but for the optimal use of Lady-Comp we recommend that you sleep at least 3 consecutive hours before measuring... If you don't get that during certain nights, there is no reason for concern. Lady-Comp can handle skipped measurements from time to time.

How do I know when I am fertile?

When you see a red light, it means that you are fertile. You can check your status anytime by activating Lady-Comp.

I want to start using Lady-Comp after a pregnancy. What do I do?

Please contact your customer service for guidance.

What is the best way to measure?

Use Lady-Comp in the morning right after waking up, before getting up and becoming active. Measure below your tongue, with your mouth closed. We do recommend that you sleep 3-4 hours before measuring.



General questions


Should I keep measuring after a vaccination?

First things first: If you feel that there is something not right, you feel sick, or you have pain, never hesitate to consult your doctor! Most people tolerate vaccinations without any problems. Sometimes, however, vaccination reactions occur: These are almost always harmless after-effects of vaccinations, which in the vast majority of cases pass very quickly. Some vaccinated people react with a slight fever (below 39°C / 102°F), aching limbs or faintness. The fever can occur only a few hours after vaccination and last up to 3 days. Such vaccination reactions are usually completely harmless and no cause for concern. As a rule of thumb: If you wake up in the morning after the vaccination and feel different than usual, for example sick or overtired, then interrupt the measurements until you feel better again.

Will my displayed fertility status be correct while I am taking medication?

That depends on whether the medication influences your body temperature or your cycle. In general, you should skip measurements while you are taking such medication. If you have doubts, contact your doctor or our customer service team.

Does illness reduce the reliability of the device?

In general, you should skip measurements during illness and while you are taking medication that can have an influence on your body temperature or cycle. If you have doubts, contact your doctor or our customer service team.

What do I do when I stop using Lady-Comp?

Remove the battery and store the device in a dry location.

How long until Lady-Comp knows my personal cycle?

The first 2-4 cycles of use are considered as learning phase. Over the course of the learning phase, Lady-Comp will come to understand your cycle and begin narrowing down your fertile window. The devices remain quite cautious and conservative during this time, which is why Lady-Comp is accurate starting the very first day.

What do Lady-Comp´s display colors mean?

Red = fertile / possibly fertile
(On red days you can plan for a pregnancy.)

Green = infertile days
(You are not fertile on green days.)

Yellow = learning phase/cycle fluctuation
(Yellow days should be considered as red days.)

Bright blue = possible pregnancy

Dark blue = probable pregnancy

I am travelling to a different time zone. What do I have to bear in mind?

When staying in other time zones, set your cycle computer to the local time immediately after arrival and activate the alarm. If the time lag is more than 6 hours, we recommend skipping the measurement on the same day and the following day. Instead, you continue to measure as usual on the day after.

How often should I take my temperature?

Ideally, you measure daily. The fewer measurements you miss, the better.

Can I share Lady-Comp/Pearly with a friend?

No, Lady-Comp is your individual fertility tracker with your individual data.

How does Lady-Comp work?

Lady-Comp is programmed with a complex algorithm which evaluates your cycle by tracking your morning temperature (taken under the tongue) and knowing when you have your period. Lady-Comp will then show you right away the measured temperature value and if you are currently fertile or not.

Does Lady-Comp come with all the necessary accessories?

Yes, your initial Lady-Comp order includes everything you need.

I am currently taking the pill. How can I change to Lady-Comp in this case?

Before you start using a cycle computer, you must stop taking the pill. It influences your body’s hormone production. As soon as you have stopped taking the pill, you may start measuring your temperature with your cycle computer. Please be aware that the first bleeding after coming off hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleeding and must not be entered as your period. If you are menstruating when starting with your fertility tracker and you cannot enter all days, do not enter the current menstruation, but the next one. The first day of menstruation is important because it marks the beginning of your cycle.

Which medication can influence my measurements?

Only very few (hormone-free) medications have a direct influence on your measurements, but often the reason why you are taking medication can influence your temperature (e.g. fever or stress). Hormonal medication will influence your temperature and should under no circumstances be taken in combination with Daysy. If you're unsure, consult with your doctor or contact our customer service.

What happens if I miss a measurement?

Based on their recorded data, our fertility tracker can compensate for the occasional missed reading. We still recommend you measure as regularly as possible so that your fertile phase can be narrowed down as precisely as possible. If you have to skip measurements due to illness, Lady-Comp will get back on track once you start again.

When can I start to rely on Lady-Comp´s results?

You can rely on Lady-Comp´s results starting the very first day of use. In the beginning, you will see more yellow and red days because Lady-Comp is still learning your unique cycle. You will see more green days as the device comes to understand your cycle and can narrow down your fertile window. The more regularly you measure, the better.

Do alcohol or smoking influence the measurement?

Smoking should not influence the result. Alcohol, if consumed excessively or when your body is not used to it, does influence basal body temperature. If you can feel that you were drinking yesterday, you should skip your reading in the morning. If you feel just fine and have no headache or other symptoms of alcohol consumption, you are fine to temp as usual.

Can I continue to use the non-hormonal IUD?

The non-hormonal IUD prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg in the mucous membrane of the uterus. Because the IUD is a foreign object inside the body, it causes the production of white blood cells - similar to inflammation. These small centres of inflammation in the uterus, which are normally not detected at all, can change the waking temperature. In order to obtain precise measurement results, it is therefore advisable to remove the spiral - and only then use a cycle computer.



Questions about my cycle


My cycle fluctuates. What happens if my cycle is longer/shorter than normal length?

Lady-Comp expects a certain amount of normal irregularity. For optimal use of Lady-Comp, cycle lengths of 19-40 days are the ideal requirement. Lady-Comp can display the ovulation range. If your ovulation fluctuates by more than 4 days or if your cycle length lies outside the 19-40 day range, please contact our team of experts.

What if I am not getting my period?

It is normal for cycles to fluctuate. If you're unsure, feel free to contact our customer service.

When should we see a doctor if we do not achieve pregnancy?

If your efforts to become pregnant have not been successful within six to twelve months, consult your physician.

Does my diet affect my cycle?

Certain "strict" diets can lead to cycle irregularities, often times causing your period to come later. If you're unsure, reach out to our support team.

My cycle is irregular. Can I still use Lady-Comp?

Yes. Irregular cycles are generally not a problem for Lady-Comp. Even with irregular cycles, the device distinguishes between infertile and possibly fertile days with a very high accuracy. However, in case of extreme fluctuations, using the device is not very beneficial, because you would get proportionally more “yellow days” displayed. Fluctuations of several days are usually not a problem. If you have questions about your unique cycle, please reach out to our team of experts.

What are some of the typical things that can influence the measurements?

The typical influences on your temperature and cycle include:

● excessive amounts of alcohol
● sleep deprivation
● disease or illness
● chronic physical or emotional stress
● significant exercise
● strict dietary restrictions / starvation
● malnutrition
● travel

Once you know the cause, many irregularities in your cycle are easy to reverse. Feel free to reach out to our customer service to discuss your temperature curve.

Do common pain medications (such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Paracetamol, ACC) have an influence on my basal temperature?

No, over-the-counter pain medication will not influence the measurements. The common additional antifebrile effect does not influence the basal temperature. However, please do not temp if you're using these medications to control a fever. If you're unsure, please contact our customer service.



Technical questions & troubleshooting


What does it mean when a question mark appears on the start screen?

If Lady-Comp has not received a measurement or menstrual input for a longer period of time (> 4 days) and a new cycle start is expected during this period, this message reminds you to make up for any entries you may have forgotten. If you had your menstruation during this period, add it before the next measurement.

Can my measurements get lost?

No. Lady-Comp records all your data and keeps it safe.

How can I clean and disinfect Lady-Comp?

Use a damp cloth to carefully clean the sensor of your device. You can also use a little alcohol or soap if you wish. Since Lady-Comp is not waterproof, make sure that only the sensor and not the whole appliance comes into contact with water.

We recommend the following steps for cleaning:

1. Clean the sensor and tip with lukewarm water and/or mild soap before and after each use.
2. Dry with a clean cloth.

These steps will reduce the number of germs or possible viruses on the surface of the device. This cleaning is sufficient for daily personal use.

If the device needs to be disinfected as well, the following steps can be practiced:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly or wear disposable gloves.
2. Clean the sensor and tip (as per steps 1 & 2 listed above).
3. Moisten the sensor and tip with a disinfectant (limited virucidal), alcohol (60-80%) or isopropanol 70%.
4. Allow to air-dry (the sensor should not touch any other objects or surfaces).

Information COVID-19:

We are taking precautions as necessary, with staff wearing gloves, use of Personal Protective Equipment and increased cleaning methods. All products are disinfected prior to shipping.

Coronaviruses are encased viruses, meaning they are encased in a lipid envelope. All disinfectants with a virucidal (antiviral) or limited virucidal spectrum of efficacy are effective against coronaviruses.

Where can I order spare parts (cable, sensor, etc.)?

If no replacement parts are shown in your shop, please contact your local distributor.

I dropped my Lady-Comp. What should I do?

Please contact your local customer service.

Is it possible that my temperature rises too sharply?

Not really. On average, a woman's temperature increases by 0.3 degrees Celsius. If yours rises by more than 0.5 degrees Celsius on average, please contact our customer service.

My temperature rises just ever so slightly. What does it mean?

If for some reason, the increase in temperature is very low, Lady-Comp will switch to displaying red days for a longer period, before switching to yellow days and, eventually, back to green days. A low rise in temperature can be an indication of a hormonal condition. During anovulatory cycles, no rise in temperature is registered because ovulation did not occur. Corpus luteum insufficiency (CLI) is another possible reason for a low or indeterminable rise in temperature because the body doesn't produce sufficient progesterone to make the basal body temperature (BBT) rise. Menopausal women can also register lower increases in temperature, because their estradiol and progesterone values are declining.

Do hot weather or air conditioning have an influence on the measurement?

No, since you measure below the tongue, these factors have no influence on the measurement.

Where can I check the battery charge level?

Go to the settings and open the menu "Device Information".

How long is the battery life?

The battery life of the battery/batteries we supply with your order is at least 6 months.

Lady-Comp didn't take my temperature. What do I have to do?

If the device did not take your temperature, try to repeat the measurement. Make sure to hold the device still and your mouth closed while you take your temperature.

If the measurement was not recorded after the second attempt, go to the settings, open the "Test Measurement/Demo Mode" menu and activate the test measurement. The measurement starts directly afterwards. If this attempt is also unsuccessful, please contact your local customer service.

The measuring sensor of my Lady-Comp is broken. What should I do?

If the measuring sensor is visibly damaged, do not use the device any longer. Please contact our customer service immediately.

What type of battery will I need for Lady-Comp?

Lady-Comp runs with 2 AAA batteries. You can also use rechargeable AAA batteries.


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