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FacialCare Sea Sponges - Premium

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Natural and chemical free, for the most sensitive skin.

Cleanse and exfoliate. Remove makeup and grease.

Premium quality Mediterranean Silk sponges.

Contains 3 to 5x sponges, 4.5cm to 8cm.

Plastic-free packaging. Ethically harvested. Biodegradable.


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Buy Exfoliation and Natural Skin Care Sponges in the UK-

Ready feel revitalized? Start by running your FacialCare sponge under warm water. Watch the sponge puff up as the fibers expand and become silky soft. Each of the sponge’s delicate fibres sweeps the skin’s surface and gently removes dirt and grime that accumulates in your pores throughout the day. Use it with plain warm water for a quick refresh, with makeup remover at the end of a long day, or watch how the sponge creates a rich lather from the tiniest bit of soap for a deep cleanse.

There are millions of types of sea sponges in the world, but Sensible Options brand FacialCare sponges come from a very specific species. These are Mediterranean Silk sponges, a uniquely pleasant and silky sponge, well known as the highest quality sponge in existence. Extraordinarily delicate and soft— yet durable, robust, and long-lasting.

Harvesting these natural sponges is an important and delicate process. If a sponge is removed without careful planning, it disturbs the marine ecosystem. All Sensible Options brand FacialCare sea sponges are ethically harvested. What is ethical harvesting? It is a gentle process where sponges are removed from their source without touching the roots. Similar to pruning a tree, this allows the stronger and bigger branches of sea sponge to regrow. The gentle harvesting process also causes millions of sponges cells to be released into the waters, where they are fertilized, attach to sea rocks, and grow into new sponges.

Our team takes the time to select, inspect, and test each and every sponge before we decide if it is luxurious enough to pass as a FacialCare sea sponge. We check for optimal density, size, and uniformity because we know these factors affect your cleansing experience. Sponges that are less than ideal are repurposed, while the most pristine, luxurious sponges are passed along to you.

Buy Exfoliation and Natural Skin Care Sponges in the UK


How should I wash my natural sea sponges?

Wash your sponge well between uses. Allow to air dry away from surfaces.

The best method of cleaning will vary depending on how you use your sponge. Choose a method that works best for you. Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals that can harm the delicate fibers of the sponge.

- Clean: Add a bit of handsoap to your sponge and wash under warm water.

- Squeaky Clean: Soak for 10 minutes in a cup of 1:10 water: vinegar mixture. (Tip! Add a few drops of tea tree oil.)

- Deep Clean: Soak for 10 minutes in a cup of water with 1 tbsp baking soda.

- After Cleaning: Leave to air dry.


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