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Buy sea sponge menstrual tampons in the UK

Well yes. And no.

As an Ethical Company we're looking for ethical products to share and to help improve the lives of our customers.

We are proud to be the UK distributor of Natural Intimacy branded IntimateCare sponges.

Long story short, even though the sponges are thought of for a multitude of intimate care tasks, most users purchase them to use as natural alternatives to tampons.

Yes, that's right, just "wet, twist & insert" as they say. Every 6-8 hours, "remove, rinse & replace". They last for about 6 months and then are totally biodegradable and compostable.

But these natural wonders are actually thought of for so much more. Intimate cleansing is an important use, often just a quick clean but also users report that they are adding anti fungal ingredients and then leaving the sponge in place to take effect. We're not sure of the efficiency or safety of this but they seem happy with the results. In a similar fashion we have heard of our sponges being used to hold aloe vera in-sitiu through the day, again something we can't fully recommend without a bit more research.

But their use as menstrual sponges is the most frequently reported use, hands down.

So yes, it really is a thing now and with a pack of sponges covering over six months of menstrual protection it seems they are as economical as they are ecological!


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