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Natural sea sponges for facial exfoliation

Our FacialCare sponges are 100% compostable and come in plastic-free cardboard packaging which makes them an incredible zero waste option for the environment as well as your skin care.

For applying or removing makeup, as a makeup blender, for cleansing or exfoliating, there really are no better tools for the job.

Being natural and chemical free means they are really kind to your skin. Hypo-allergenic, they are perfect for sensitive skin, especially for young babies.

But the pore structure of the sponges is where the magic really comes from. This fantastic system of pores allows for soap, creams and gels to be pulled into the sponge along with dirt, grease and makeup just by squeezing your hand whilst holding your sponge under a running tap.

So simple, so effective.

Allowing water and air to flow through keeps the sponge self cleaning and inhibits growth and cultivation of ‘nasties’ which in turn keeps it smelling fresh. That is a noticeable benefit when compared to washable cotton makeup wipes, a great natural alternative to disposables. The cotton fibres are dense, taking much longer than a sponge to dry out so inherently staying damp for longer. The damp encourages unwanted growth and cultivations which lead to unpleasant odours.

Additionally, cotton’s dense fiber structure makes washing out embedded grease or makeup so much harder and needing so much more energy than a simple rinse of a natural sponge.

The best cleansing tool we clever humans can come up with is a synthetic sponge created from petroleum products or perhaps a cotton based wipe which has a huge water footprint. Meanwhile, nature has created the amazing, efficient pore system of natural sea sponges. Mother Nature really knows best.


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