If you’re looking to buy non-hormonal contraceptives in the UK, you need to read on. We will be offering products and education from here, on our new website.

From bloodclotting, libido surpressing hormones to itchy spermicides, there are undoubtedly many big-pharma products to put inside your body in the name of love.

A visit to the GP's surgery for a contraceptive pill prescription is the regular starting point for women's contraceptive journey but we think there should be a bit more education, especially before that first trip to the Doctor.

Yes, there is sex education at schools, from an earlier age every year, but what does that education tell us about our contraceptive options for when we become sexually active?

When I was at school, sex education classes coincided with the big, fearful entrance of AIDS into society. From that point onwards the message seemed to be that if a girl so much looked at a naked guy without him wearing a condom, she would get pregnant and if a guy even thought about looking at girl without wearing a condom he would get AIDS and die. So condoms all round.

No doubt the NHS budget saves a fair penny by scaring everyone into over use of condoms and it also saves having to explain to hormone crazed adolescents how it is actually possible to have sex without the risk of pregnancy... you could imagine how that would turn out.

As we get older and we're in a stable relationship, protection from STD's isn't such a big issue so the greater sensual pleasure of condom-free sex becomes attractive. Yet it's still not time to become parents, so what are the options? A trip to your GP will give you many options. A pill, an implant, a patch or a coil. Each one designed to to introduce synthetic chemicals and hormones into your body to prevent pregnancy for 6-8 days a month.

My lawyer suggested that I allow our followers to Google the side effects of hormonal contraceptives themselves, rather than listing them here, but the point is that it's hard to find much support on the NHS for non hormonal contraception.

There are certainly more independant fertility coaches and diaphragms on the market than 10 or 20 years ago but natural contraception is still a niche, it's still not viewed as a mainstream option.

We've decided to launch this website to be a place where couples can get educated on non-hormonal contraceptive options to make better informed choices and where appropriate purchase the relevant products.

Diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicide, fertility trackers, BBT thermometers and even reusable menstrual products (RUMPS) will all become available in the coming weeks through our new website.

We've got a lot of work to do, a lot of doors to knock and a lot of information to share through this blog.

Make sure you bookmark us and stick with us on our journey.

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